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Uri Rubinstein Lighting Design

“Mysterious affair, electricity.” S. Beckett, Rough for Theatre II 

Welcome to, where you can find my virtual portfolio, photos from different theater productions that I have designed, as well as an (almost) up-to-date production resume of my design work. I’m a stage lighting designer born in the U.S., spent the last couple of decades living & working in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, currently living in Paris & working internationally. As well as being a founding member of AMBI, the Association of Israeli Stage Designers, I’m also a former member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America & the Academy for the Israel Theatre Prize. When not on sabbatical I teach lighting design at the Kibbutz Seminar School of Stage Arts in Tel Aviv & at Emunah College Theater Department in Jerusalem. I'll also publish links & articles here, to serve as a resource for my students.








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